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Teachers & Employees Work at Home Shop

This shop is for NSW Deparment of Education Teachers & Employees, and is intended exclusively for "Work at Home" Software only for DoE employees.

All prices listed in the shop are ex. GST. GST will be applied on the checkout page.

Ordering Microsoft Work at Home Software

Microsoft provides Work at Home (WAH) rights for all DoE employees (teaching and administrative, full time and part time). Only those Microsoft desktop products that are included in the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and that are installed on a user's workplace computer can be installed on only one home computer for work purposes.

The software must be registered to DoE during the installation and not to the individual, as DoE owns the licences. If the employee terminates employment with DoE, the ex-employee is no longer licensed to use the Work at Home software. The software must be immediately uninstalled from their home computer and the media (where applicable) destroyed.

Please note that no support is available for home computers.

As of July 2014, Microsoft's sole method of purchasing the software is to download the installation software and unique serial key. DoE Staff can purchase physical backup media to complement the Electronic Software Download on checkout for an additional fee.

Please note that Microsoft WAH software is for use on one device only. If you need to reinstall the software (i.e. due to system failure or the purchase of a new machine), you will have to call Microsoft on 1800 642 008 and request re-activation of your software. PLEASE NOTE that this re-activation is done solely at Microsoft's discretion.

Payment is by credit card only (Visa/Mastercard/American Express).


Click here to purchase electronic downloads

Available 24/7, immediate access to software.

Purchase of electronic software downloads requires the simple creation of a user account in order to provide a download link.

1800 081920Dedicated NSW DoE Contact: nswdec@insight.com