Lenovo is the PC industry leader

Why Lenovo?

Differentiation through innovation.

Building on Lenovo’s rich history of technological breakthroughs, Lenovo is investing more than ever in innovation that differentiates our products and sets the standard for quality, teliability, style and speed.

Heritage and focus.

At Lenovo we are proud of our heritage and continued focus on innovation.

Why Think products?

When it comes to choosing a PC, consumers and corporations buy and behave very differently. Different priorities guide corporate buying decisions, and the technology they choose must deliver on manageability, reliability, productivity and security. While consumer and corporate PCs might appear nearly identical, the choice will impact ROI significantly.

Consumer PCs designed for lighter duty and lacking remote manageability capabilities, are more susceptible to costly failures. THINK PCs are designed to maximise total cost of ownership; as a result they will maximise your technology investment where it matters most.

Why Insight for Lenovo?

As a Lenovo Business Partner, Insight offers Lenovo PCs and personal devices that drive workforce mobility and productivity. Of course, Lenovo is more than just PCs. Insight delivers the full portfolio of Lenovo products and solutions, including notebooks, tablets, desktops, servers, storage and accessories.

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