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What is SPLA?

Simplicity, flexibility and transparency are the key tenets of Microsoft's Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

The SPLA program was specially created to deliver a simple solution to all service providers aiming to offer software as a service (SaaS). Put simply, the SPLA program provides service providers user rights, which can then be offered to their own customers. End-users are able to use the software as a service without having to sign a software license agreement with Microsoft directly.

What are the benefits of SPLA?

Flexible licensing models

Many licenses offered via SPLA can be purchased on a per-user, per core or per-processor basis. The number of active licenses can be increased or decreased with each monthly report.

Managable payments

Using SPLA, Service Providers only pay for licenses based on what is used to provide services each month, resulting in near-zero startup costs. Monthly payment is per-use, and made after use.

Includes Software Assurance

Using Microsoft's Software Assurance maintenance offering, Service Providers are always able to offer their end-users the latest software versions; this is incorporated into the monthly subscription price.

Stable pricing

SPLA price changes (if any) only occur at the beginning of each calendar year and are proportional to price changes in the Microsoft Open Licensing Program during the preceding year.

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  • Local presence, global authority. Insight is one of only 4 SPLA providers in Australia, was the first global Microsoft SPLA partner, and is now the largest.
  • Unparalleled ease of reporting. Use our tailor-made SPLA portal (hint: it's part of this website) to report new or recurring monthly usage with a handful of clicks, or run detailed activity reports on up to 3 years of usage.
  • Specialist consulting. Insight's SPLA experts can advise you on the best licensing methods, keep you compliant and take care of the administrative tasks so that you can focus on your daily business.

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