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Improving Resource Use With the VMware vSphere Optimisation Assessment

21 Mar 2017 by Debbie Malone

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your VMware vSphere environment, the vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) may be the tool you need. It comes with three analysis reports, powered by vRealize Operations, that can help you save up to 30% on CPU, memory and storage costs.

VMware’s advanced analysis tool provides comprehensive assessment of the optimisation opportunities in your virtualised environment with a configuration audit report, a performance improvement report and a capacity optimisation report. This enhanced evaluation collects data to help you realise the benefits of intelligent IT operations, allowing you to:

  • Maximise usage with capacity monitoring analytics across compute, network and storage while automating reclamation.
  • Proactively identify and remediate issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts.
  • Optimise resource use through a unified console.

Intelligent IT operations benefits

With VMware VOA, you can proactively address health, performance monitoring and capacity management of IT infrastructure and applications in your virtualised data centre, as well as across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments. This enables you to improve efficiency, performance and availability. Benefits include:

  • Capacity optimisation — Operate IT assets as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible with intelligent workload placement and rebalancing, capacity management, planning and forecasting.
  • Performance and availability — Run business-critical applications with confidence. Improve performance, avoid disruption and accelerate troubleshooting with self-learning management tools and policy-based automation.
  • Heterogeneous/hybrid data center monitoring — Get comprehensive visibility in a single console, from infrastructure to applications and public clouds, with an open and extensible platform.

Assessment flexibility

VOA provides your organization with the flexibility to choose an assessment time frame that supports your requirements, from one to 30 days:

  • The configuration report can be completed within one day for all environments.
  • The performance report can be completed within one to three days for less dynamic environments.

The capacity report can be completed within three to 30 days as it provides more accurate recommendations.

This chart shows how complex and dynamic small, medium and large virtualized environments are.
1 to 3 days is a small-sized virtualized environment (<50 VMs). 3 to 15 days is a medium-sized virtualized environment (50-150 VMs). 15-30 days is a large-sized environment (150+ VMs).

Sample VOA reports

During the course of your evaluation, you can receive a series of analytic reports that assess the configuration, performance and capacity of your VMware vSphere environment. To learn more, watch the following videos and view the sample reports.

Configuration health reports

Configuration health reports allow you to:

  • Review VMware vSphere configuration settings.
  • View cluster, host and virtual machine topology.
  • Verify proper virtual machine tools’ distribution and health.

See a sample configuration health report.

Performance assessment reports

Performance assessment reports allow you to:

  • See top resource consumers.
  • Identify resource contention and disk latency.
  • Accelerate virtual machine performance.

See a sample performance bottlenecks report.

Capacity assessment reports

Capacity assessment reports allow you to:

  • Reclaim underused resources.
  • Identify under- and overprovisioned virtual machines.
  • Resize virtual machines to optimise performance.

See a sample capacity usage report.

Get your questions answered.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive analysis of the optimisation opportunities in your VMware vSphere environment but still have questions, here are some additional resources to help you determine if VMware VOA is the best solution for your needs:

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