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4 Ways to Achieve Operational Efficiency Across Your Supply Chain

5 Apr 2018 by Isabel Ticlo

Your supply chain is the heart of your organisation, involving every aspect behind your daily operations. Your supply chain also sets the pace of innovation — which is why it’s critical you optimise your technology investments so you can invest in the future. Against that backdrop, let’s explore four areas you can improve for supply chain efficiency: procurement, integration, deployment and maintenance.

Procurement: Maximising your IT investments

Today, the IT department is tasked with both supporting daily operations and growing the business — all while balancing a limited IT budget. At the same time, businesses want to ensure their employees have access to competitive technology when they need it. This means having a program in place that makes it easy to go online and procure new products that fit within company standards.

With a modern e-commerce platform, your business can easily facilitate who in the company can order new devices and what kinds of products they can browse, resulting in a simplified, controlled procurement process. Benefits include:

  • Custom accounts, catalogs, solution bundles & configurations
  • Visibility, standardisation & consolidation across divisions
  • Tools to guide users through purchasing & approvals
  • Automation of key steps for a streamlined checkout experience

When your teams no longer have to spend time searching for compatible devices and software, they can focus on the tasks that matter most. This leads to greater productivity, a positive user experience, improved employee retention, reduced downtime and a competitive edge.

Integration: Advanced lab services

As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, you need to deploy your assets faster and at higher accuracy than ever before. Outsourcing lab and integration services to a provider who specialises in such solutions can help optimise device configuration.

Partnering with a company that provides hardware assembly, asset tagging, device etching and imaging can speed the time it takes to get the tools you need to run your business smarter. Some companies may even offer advanced services: application packaging, custom image deployment, end-user device customisation and more, depending on your unique supply chain needs.

Investing in a least-cost-touch methodology to improve order efficiency with hassle-free, hands-free distribution and configuration can be especially helpful if you need to have thousands of devices processed in a short amount of time.

Deployment: Managing processes

According to the 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Pulse report, IT professionals with decision-making responsibilities are challenged by infrastructure updates, among other things. Services for device installation and refresh projects can simplify deployment and device management for a modern workplace.

For example, lifecycle services can help organisations launch new technology with minimal disruptions on time and within budget. Additional benefits include:

  • Managed shipping, logistics and deployments
  • Flexible project scheduling and reporting
  • Standardised processes and governance

Having a dedicated partner to assist with initial assessments, technology installation and post-implementation support can enhance the overall experience — and help get your facility up and running as smoothly as possible.

Maintenance: IT infrastructure services

Today, 81% of chief information officers and chief technology officers and 79% of procurement staff agree “balancing resources to maintain infrastructure and grow the business is a pain point.”

A successful maintenance and IT management plan uses intelligent data analytics and reporting to help you gain control of your warranties and licenses, manage coverage and keep your assets up-to-date. Remote monitoring and diagnostics can ensure your tools run smoothly and prevent downtime. Investing in warranty repairs, exchange options and support can also help you maximise the lifetime value of your assets.

When it comes to technology end-of-life services, having a secure and environmentally certified IT asset disposal and recycling solution can help reduce waste. You can also allocate remarketing services to outside vendors to maximise the financial return on your retired assets — so that your business stays efficient from procurement to refresh.

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