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Case study:Leveraging IoT & AI to Curb Fuel Theft in Australia

20 Nov 2018

The concept and the challenge

A global solution to fuel theft

Last year, the estimated cost of petrol station drive-offs was estimated at an all time high. So Eion Byrne and Anthony Schmidt, after watching petrol station operators struggling with an inefficient, inaccurate and manual process, decided to do something about it. They came up with Scancam, an innovative technology that works by scanning plates at service stations, sending the scanned plate for plate recognition, recording plate detections and counter checking against a database of offenders. It was an incredibly simple idea – but it wasn’t scalable in their current platform. That’s where Insight enters the story.


The solution

A fix on the back of a napkin

We met Eion and Anthony at a startup event, and they quickly outlined their plans and their technological constraints. “We shared our plans with Josh Boys, ‘Ignia [an Insight Company]’ Director over a beer and by the end of the night, he’d essentially designed a new architecture for us on the back of a napkin. With our aggressive growth plans, we needed a platform that can scale with the business and reduce operational costs. Josh had us sold on what Microsoft Azure and IoT can do for us within that first meeting,” recalled Anthony.


Another great outcome

Taking Aussie ingenuity to the world

Since that first meeting, we’ve been a key part of Scancam’s incredible growth in Australia and beyond. The Scancam system handles thousands of plates at every station, and has already boasted incredible results including a 63% drop in fuel loss and a man-hour reduction of over 80%.

Most importantly, small business owners have finally been delivered with the ability to recover debt – a crippling factor in the fuel industry’s practices for years.

The new features enabled by Insight’s use of the Azure platform, including facial recognition software, have incredible growth potential for the Scancam both internationally and within state police departments to help combat crime. And it all began, as all great plans do, on the back of a napkin.


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