Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service) is available via Insight.

What is PaaS?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a standardised, shared and elastically-scalable application development and deployment platform delivered as a service (which means that the vendor takes care of most things!).

PaaS typically includes database, middleware as well as development, management, security and integration capabilities, all delivered as a service.

Back up your Oracle database to the cloud.

Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service is a secure, scalable, on-demand storage solution for backing up Oracle databases to the public cloud.

The service complements your existing backup strategy by providing an off-site storage location in the cloud. There are no up-front capital costs or hardware expenses.

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Let Insight and Oracle get your database set up in minutes.

Database setup in minutes.

A database is technically software, housing all the raw information which gets processed by a front end application. Oracle Database can be rapidly provisioned and ready in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can stand up new database instances in a complete development environment. Add any number of Database Options to enhance any database operations in a myriad of ways.

Best of all, there are no application changes when you move your legacy databases to Oracle’s secure and optimised cloud platform.

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Oracle Hybrid Disaster Recovery

An effective disaster recovery plan can be costly due to the need to establish, equip and manage a remote data centre. The Oracle Cloud offers a great alternative for hosting standby databases for customers who do not have a DR site or who prefer not to deal with the cost or complexity of managing a remote data centre.

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A new generation of IT systems management.

Designed for today's complex environment, Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) represents a new generation of IT systems management. OMC provides a complete set of cloud-based systems management services for maintaining your organisation's environment with minimal setup time.

Oracle’s unique Cloud Solutions run on Intel Industry Standard Architecture Server.

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